Introducing HORIBA’s Compact pH Pocket Meters: Revolutionizing Water Quality Testing

In the realm of water quality testing, precision, versatility, and convenience are paramount. Addressing these needs head-on, HORIBA, a global leader in measurement and analysis technology, unveils its latest innovation: the compact pocket meters pH11, pH22, and pH33. These handheld devices are set to redefine how professionals and enthusiasts alike approach water analysis with their unparalleled flexibility and accuracy.

Versatility Redefined: Seven Flexible Measurement Techniques

One standout feature of these pocket meters is their ability to adapt to various testing scenarios seamlessly. With seven flexible measurement techniques at your disposal, finding the optimal method for your sample and situation has never been easier. Whether you’re in the lab, out in the field, or dealing with solid or liquid samples, there’s a method tailored to your needs.

  • Immersion: Ideal for lab settings, simply test your sample in a beaker with the sensor guard sliding cap open.
  • Drops: Utilize a dropper for precise measurements, with volumes as small as 0.1 mL easily measurable.
  • Solid Samples: Test moist food samples by placing a small piece directly onto the sensor.
  • Powders: Dry powders pose no challenge; just place them onto the sensor and add an appropriate amount of pure water.
  • Scoop: Take water samples from rivers with ease using the unique vertical scoop.
  • Wipe: Trace volumes are no obstacle; wipe off surfaces like skin with a sampling sheet soaked in pure water for analysis.
  • Paper, Textiles, and Films: Even materials like paper and textiles can be tested by cutting them into small pieces and placing them directly onto the sensor then add a define amount of pure water

Precision Calibration for Accurate Results

Ensuring accuracy is paramount in water quality testing, and the PH11, PH22, and PH33 meters deliver on this front with their calibration capabilities. PH11 offers 2-point calibration, PH22 boasts 3-point calibration, and PH33 sets a new standard with its 5-point calibration system, guaranteeing accurate readings consistently, enhanced by its temperature measurement functions.

In conclusion, HORIBA’s compact pocket meters pH11, pH22, and pH33 represent a leap forward in water quality testing technology, combining versatility, precision, and ease of use in one portable package. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, these meters empower you to make informed decisions about water quality wherever you are.


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