pH11 LAQUAtwin Compact pH Meter

Resolution 0.1pH, 2 Point Calibration
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This equipment contains button batteries and is not intended for general consumer use.

(i)  the equipment is intended to be used in trades, professions or industries only;
(ii)  the equipment is not intended for sale to the general public;
(iii)  the equipment is not intended to be used where children are present;


Formerly known as Horiba B713, the LAQUAtwin compact pH meters offer swift and precise pH measurements in just a few seconds, requiring only a single drop of sample.*

Given that water pH can vary significantly across different environments, even minor fluctuations can have notable impacts. Whether you’re maintaining aquarium pH levels, assessing rainwater acidity, or ensuring the quality of meat and fish products, LAQUAtwin compact pH meters prove indispensable. Their versatility extends to various applications, including freshwater testing (such as rain, rivers, lakes, and hot springs), aquaria, drainage treatment solutions, soil analysis for enhanced agriculture, fermentation and brewing processes, food freshness assessment, research laboratories, quality control of medical supplies and cosmetics, preventive dentistry, and educational purposes in schools.

Key Features:

  • Autocalibration function capable of recognizing standards.
  • Temperature compensation feature.
  • IP67 waterproof rating for durability and reliability.
  • Auto hold function for convenience.
  • Automatic power-off after 30 minutes to conserve battery life.
  • Models offer 2, 3, or 5 calibration points, depending on the specific model.
  • Model pH33 also displays temperature readings.

*Minimum sample volume required: 0.1 mL (0.05 mL when utilizing the HORIBA sampling sheet, with additional sheets available from HORIBA in packs of 100).

Also known as:
pH meter, compact pH meter, pocket pH meter, HORIBA pH meter, LaquaTwin pH meter, waterproof pH meter

MODEL pH 11 pH 22 pH 33
Measurement principle Glass electrode method
sample volume
0.1mL or more *1
Measurement range 0 to 14pH
Range and Resolution
(Valid numbers)
0.1pH 0.01pH 0.01pH
Calibration 2-point 3-point 5-point
Accuracy ±0.1pH *4 ±0.01pH *4 ±0.01pH *4
Functions Temperature compensation・Waterproof*5・Auto hold・Automatic power off(30 minutes)
Display Custom (monochrome) Digital LCD
5 to 40˚C, 85% or less in relative humidity  (no condensation)
Power CR2032 batteries (x2)
Battery life Approx. 400 hours in continuous use
Main Material ABS epoxy
164mm × 29mm × 20mm  (excluding projections) / Approx. 50 g (meter only, without batteries)
2 CR2032 batteries/1 Pipette/Instruction manual/Quick manual/Storage case
Standard solution (pH4.01 & pH7.00)(14mL) Standard
solution (pH4.01 & pH7.00)(14mL)
solution (pH4.01 & pH7.00)(14mL)

*1 Smaller amount(0.05mL or more) can be measured with the sampling sheet B.  (Please close the light shield cover. If a sample that contain particulate, please use ”Sampling sheet holder” (sold separately))
*2 Repeatability in measurement of a standard solution after calibration using the same standard solution.
*3 IP67:no failure when immersed in water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. But the product can not be used underwater.