Calcium Ion Selective Electrode (Combination) 6583S-10C Kit

Including: Filling Solution, 100/1000ppm Calibration Solutions and 2 Tips
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Ion-selective electrodes are responsive to concentration of particular ions in the test liquid and are variable-potential electrodes. They are used in conjunction with reference electrodes to measure the concentration of particular ions. HORIBA’S years of experience and know-how in this field are behind the wide range of ion electrodes we offer.

When measurements are made using an ion meter, calibrating it with various standard solutions will give direct readings of the ion concentration. Note that since volumes-detection level changes with temperature, measurements must be taken at a fixed temperature.

Calcium electrode supplied complete with:
*1000mg/L calcium ion standard 50ml
*100mg/L calcium ion standard 50ml
*Calcium electrode filling soln 50ml
*Calcium ISAB 50ml


MODEL 6583S-10C
Measurement Range 0.4 – 40,080 mg/L Ca2+

1 x 10-5 – 1 mol/L Ca2+

Temperature Range 0 – 50°C
pH Range pH 5 – 11 (4.0 mg/L Ca2+)
Accuracy ± 4%
Internal Electrode Ag/AgCl
Internal Solution 3 mol/L NH4Cl
Liquid Junction Movable sleeve
Connector & Cable Length BNC, 1m
Dimensions 150mm (length), 16.5mm (diameter)
Wetted Part Materials PVC, PSU
Slope 25 – 32 mV/decade
Selection Coefficient Fe3+ = 0.1, Fe2+, Zn2+= 1, Sr2+ = 50

Ni2+, Cu2+ = 70, Co2+ = 350

Mn2+ = 500, Mg2+ = 1,000

Na+, K+, Ba2+, NH4+ = over 1000

Package Contents 2 pcs. Calcium Ion Electrode Tips
1000 mg/L Calcium Ion Standard Solution (50ml)
100 mg/L Calcium Ion Standard Solution (50ml)
Calcium Ionic Strength Adjustor (50ml)
Calcium Electrode Filling Solution (50ml)
Protective Pipe
Accessories and Solutions
Calcium Ion Electrode Tip
Calcium Ion Electrode Filling Solution (500ml)
100 mg/L Calcium Ion Standard Solution (500ml)
1000 mg/L Calcium Ion Standard Solution (500ml)
Calcium Ionic Strength Adjustor (500ml)