Ammonia Ion Selective Electrode (Combination) 5002S-10C Kit

Including: Filling Solution, 100/1000ppm Calibration Solutions and 3 Membranes
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Ion-selective electrodes detect the concentration of specific ions in the test liquid and function as variable-potential electrodes. They are typically paired with reference electrodes to quantify ion concentrations. HORIBA draws upon years of expertise and knowledge in this domain to provide a diverse array of ion electrodes.

When utilizing an ion meter for measurements, calibrating it with different standard solutions yields direct readings of ion concentrations. It’s important to note that as volume detection levels fluctuate with temperature, measurements should be conducted at a consistent temperature.

The ammonia electrode is supplied with:
*3 membrane caps
*1000mg/L ammonium ion standard 50ml
*100mg/L ammonium ion standard 50ml
*Ammonia electrode filling solution 50ml

***Ammonia electrode requires ionic strength adjusting buffer (ISAB), sodium hydroxide. This can be purchased separately from Australian Scientific Pty Ltd as follows:
Part no. 978092 Sodium Hydroxide 5M (5N-20%), 1L, please contact us here for pricing and availability


MODEL 5002S-10C
Measurement Range 0.1 – 1,000 mg/L NH3
Temperature Range 0 – 50°C
pH Range ≥ pH 12
Accuracy ±2%
Internal Electrode Ag/AgCl
Internal Solution 0.1 mol/L NH4Cl
Liquid Junction Movable sleeve
Connector & Cable Length BNC, 1m
Dimensions 161mm (length), 15mm (diameter)
Wetted Part Materials PTFE, PVC, PSU
Slope -54 to -62 mV/decade
Package Contents 3 pcs. Membrane Caps
1000 mg/L Ammonium Ion Standard Solution (50ml)
100 mg/L Ammonium Ion Standard Solution (50ml)
Ammonia Electrode Filling Solution (50ml)
Accessories and Solutions
Ammonia Electrode Tips
Ammonia Electrode Filling Solution (500ml)
100 mg/L Ammonium Ion Standard Solution (500ml)
1000 mg/L Ammonium Ion Standard Solution (500ml)