ORP Electrode Kit for the WQ 300 Series Meters

(Includes Electrode Head, Cartridge Electrode and Calibration Solutions) 2 Meter Cable
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Enjoy hassle-free operation with no electrolyte refilling needed for our ORP sensor cartridge. The platinum tip is securely attached to glass, complemented by KCl gel electrolyte and a porous sintered polyethylene junction for optimal performance. The built-in temperature sensor adds to the functionality, all encased in a rugged polycarbonate body. Benefit from easy maintenance with a replaceable ORP sensor cartridge, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

The kit includes the ORP sensor head, sensor head adapter, and ORP electrode.



WQ 300 ORP Kit 2M

  • 300-O-2: ORP sensor head with 2m cable
  • 300-BNC: sensor head adapter
  • 9300-10D: ORP electrode

Manufactured by HORIBA