Platypus Jar Tester (Flocculator) – With 4 x 2L Jars

Platypus Jar Tester (Flocculator) models include:

1 x Vinyl water resistant dust cover (4GDC)
1 x set of paddles including:
4 x 4GSRP Small Radial Paddles
4 x 4GLRP Large Radial Paddles
4 x 4GBRP Butterfly Radial Paddles
4 x 4GAFP Axial Flow Paddles

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$5,200.00 ex GST

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Assessment Tools and Operations for Evaluating Surface and Ground Water Treatment:

Testing Parameters:

  1. Evaluation of coagulants, polymers, and alkalinity treatment.
  2. Oxidation of metals.
  3. Analysis of settlement rates.
  4. Pre-treatment procedures for flotation tests.
  5. Study of reaction kinetics.
  6. Assessment of mixing and flocculation energy.
  7. Monitoring of metal residuals.

Characteristics of World-Class Products:

  • Incorporation of superior technology, materials, safety features, functionality, and presentation.
  • Adherence to relevant European, US, and Australian Standards and Marks.
  • Integration of advanced LED backlighting for enhanced performance.

Independent Mixing Stations:

  • Provision of programmable speed and time settings for each of the three flocculation stages at every station.


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