Ca-11C LAQUAtwin Compact Bovine Blood Calcium Meter

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This equipment contains button batteries and is not intended for general consumer use.

(i)  the equipment is intended to be used in trades, professions or industries only;
(ii)  the equipment is not intended for sale to the general public;
(iii)  the equipment is not intended to be used where children are present;


Hypocalcemia is a prevalent condition among dairy cows during lactation onset, characterized by a decrease in blood calcium levels below the normal range. Affected cows may exhibit symptoms, known as clinical hypocalcemia or milk fever, or may remain asymptomatic, termed subclinical hypocalcemia. Ionized calcium (iCa) represents the physiologically active form of calcium in the bloodstream, providing a more accurate reflection of the current blood calcium status compared to total blood calcium, as it measures the freely available calcium ions. Direct cow-side measurement of ionized calcium levels in blood samples allows for prompt treatment initiation in dairy cows, thus preventing debilitating symptoms or complications. The newly developed LAQUAtwin Ca-11C is specifically designed for cow-side measurement of ionized calcium in blood, making it an ideal tool for screening dairy cows for hypocalcemia.

Package Includes:

  • LAQUAtwin Ca-11C meter
  • Y052L 1.25mmol/L Standard solution (25ml x 2)
  • Y052H 2.50mmol/L Standard solution (25ml x 2)
  • 251 Cleaning solution (250ml) x 3
  • CR2032 batteries x 2
  • Wash bottle
  • Instruction & quick manuals
  • Carrying case

This comprehensive package equips users with the necessary tools to efficiently screen dairy cows for hypocalcemia, facilitating timely intervention and improved herd health management.

Also known as:
Calcium meter, compact calcium meter, pocket calcium meter, calcium ion meter, calcium ISE meter, HORIBA calcium meter, LaquaTwin calcium meter, calcium in plant sap

Measurement principle Ion selective electrode
sample volume
Measurement range 0.1~5.0 mmol/L
Range and Resolution
(Valid numbers)
0.1 mmol/L
Calibration Two-point (1.25 mmol/L and 2.50 mmol/L)
Accuracy ±20% of reading value.
Functions Auto Standard Recognition・Auto Hold / Auto Stable Measurement・IP67 Dust / WaterproofLow Battery Indicator ・Automatic power off (30 minutes)
Display Custom (monochrome) Digital LCD with backlight
5 to 40˚C, 85% or less in relative humidity  (no condensation)
Power CR2032 batteries (x2)
Main Material ABS epoxy
164mm × 29mm × 20mm  (excluding projections) / Approx. 50 g (meter only, without batteries)