F-11 LAQUAtwin Compact Fluoride Ion Meter

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This equipment contains button batteries and is not intended for general consumer use.

(i)  the equipment is intended to be used in trades, professions or industries only;
(ii)  the equipment is not intended for sale to the general public;
(iii)  the equipment is not intended to be used where children are present;


LAQUAtwin F-11: The World’s First Pocket-Sized Fluoride Ion Meter

  • Revolutionary Fluoride Ion Analysis. Be a part of history with the world’s first and only pocket-sized fluoride ion meter.
  • Micro-Sample Measurement Capabilities. The replaceable sensor, featuring a lanthanum trifluoride crystal, allows measurements in samples as small as 0.3 ml (or 0.1 ml with a sampling sheet).
  • Extensive Measurement Range. Covering 0.1 to 990 ppm or mg/L, the meter delivers accurate fluoride ion readings.
  • Unmatched Accuracy. With an accuracy of 2% of the actual value, the meter ensures reliable results for your analyses.
  • Convenient Two-Point Auto Calibration. Achieve accuracy with two-point calibration, as the meter automatically recognizes and calibrates 1 ppm and 10 ppm fluoride ion standard solutions included in the kit. Customize calibration using other standard solutions that are ten-fold apart in concentration.
  • Multiplying Compensation Function. Considering sample dilution in the reading, the meter features a multiplying compensation function to calculate the correct concentration.
  • Auto Stable & Auto Hold Measurement Modes. Assisting users record stable readings, the meter displays smiley indicator and can freeze the reading.
  • Temperature Calibration. Displaying temperatures up to 50.0°C, the meter allows for temperature correction through its calibration function.
  • IP67 Rating. Waterproof and dustproof meter with digital LCD and backlit display
  • Complete Package for On-the-Go Fluoride Ion Testing. Each F-11 meter comes with 1ppm and 10ppm fluoride ion standard solutions (14 ml each), TISAB solution (14 ml), 5-ml plastic beaker, batteries, syringe, and 5 sampling sheets.

Model: F-11

Measurement principle: Ion selective electrode

Minimum sample volume: 0.3 ml (0.01 ml with sampling sheet B)

Measurement range: 0.1 to 990 ppm (mg/L)


0.1 to 9.9 ppm: 0.1 ppm
10 to 99 ppm: 1 ppm
100 to 990 ppm: 10 ppm

Accuracy: ± 2% of actual value

Maximum calibration points: 2

Temperature display / resolution: 0 to 50.0 ⁰C / 0.1 ⁰C


• Automatic standard recognition
• Changeable Low and High calibration values
• Temperature calibration
• Multiplying compensation (0.01 to 9.90)
• Auto hold / Auto stable measurement modes
• Automatic power off (30 mins.)
• Low battery indicator
• IP67 water / dust proof
• Replaceable sensor

Display: Custom (monochrome) digital LCD with backlight

Operating temperature / humidity: 5 to 40.0 ⁰C / ≤ 85% in relative humidity (no condensation)

Battery life: Approx. 400 hrs. continuous use without backlight

Materials: ABS epoxy body / LaF3 crystal sensor

Dimensions: 164 x 29 x 20 mm (excluding projections)

Mass: Approx. 55g (including sensor and batteries)

Accessories included: 1 & 10 ppm fluoride standards (14 ml each), TISAB (14 ml), 5-ml beaker, sampling sheet B (5 pcs), syringe, CR2032 batteries (2 pcs), instruction & quick manuals, storage case